Premature Ejaculation Can Destroy A Relationship

If you are in a committed relationship, there is a good chance that you already know about how important it is to be in sync with your partner.  For many people, having sex is one of the most important ways that they communicate, and one thing that you might discover is that that communication will be impaired if you have been affected by the issue of premature ejaculation, or P.E.  Although it is probably best to prevent premature ejaculation altogether, communication becomes absolutely essential either way. 

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This sexual dysfunction is something that many men face, but if you find that it happens repeatedly that it can be the source of a great deal of stress between you and your partner and you need to find a way how to stop premature ejaculation .

Many men want to last longer in bed to help satisfy their sexual partners, however, if it becomes obsessive for a man to perform better sexually, then it can create a problem for both partners.  Not only can a man’s self-esteem suffer a tremendous blow, but his partner can become frustrated sexually as well.   She might feel as though her partner isn’t trying hard enough, or that he doesn’t care about her sexual satisfaction.  If she feels this way for long, you'll find that the relationship is going to have some severe problems, even if you eventually find ways to prevent premature ejaculation

The truth is that the man cares deeply about the satisfaction of his partner.  The challenge is that he needs to communicate this with her so that she knows how he feels.  Men often shut down when it comes to communicating, especially about sexual issues.  A lack of communication can drive a wedge between a man and a woman in a relationship and lead to deterioration for the couple.  This can stop you from feeling connected to your partner, which leads to even less communication and further deterioration.   If you do not attempt to make amends quickly, then this vicious cycle continues to worsen. 

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Here are three quick steps to communicate to your partner:

1.     Use “I” and not “you.”  When talking to your partner about sexual issues and your desire to perform longer, use “I” and not “you.”  For example, don’t try and tell them how they feel.  Maybe you are satisfying them already.  If this is the case, your partner doesn’t want to hear you telling them how they feel.  Instead, say thing like, “I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can for your pleasure.”  Or “I feel like I can do better.”

2.    Be specific:  When communicating with your partner, be specific.  Don’t just say that you want to go longer during love making.  When you get specific, then you also reveal your true intentions that you want to communicate.  For example, do you really want to go longer or do you want to make sure that your partner is satisfied every time you engage in lovemaking? 

3.    Practice talking about sex:  Schedule a seven day period where you refrain from sexual intercourse.  During this time it is okay to be intimate with your partner, but do not have sex.  During this seven day period, take five or ten minutes per day and talk about sex.  This will get you in the habit of communicating and makes it easier for the both of you.

Part of your open communication may also include finding solutions to premature ejaculation that can help both of your achieve your desired results.  So in summary, keep your communication open, do not tell your partner how “they” feel, practice talking about sex, and look for solutions.  Follow these simple tips to develop a healthy, long term relationship that keeps you both passionate in your relationship.

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